KUR- Club Show 2017

Hungarian flock guard and herding dog breeds of Norway

Komondor - Kuvasz - Mudi - Puli - Pumi

Welcome to our Club Show June 24th

Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

Entry Fee Breed Special:

•Adult dogs- NOK 380
• Puppy - NOK 200

•Puppy Classes: 4-6 months and 6-9 months

There is a 50% discount starting with the third entered dog (all dogs must have the same owner). The discount is only valid when entering all dogs at the same time. Not Puppies.

Entering your dog to the Club Show iis swift and easy, all you have to do is complete our online entry form. Payment via VISA/Mastercard.

Entry Club Show (Only WEB Entries)

Entry Deadline: May 24th

Brace Class: Entry at place: NOK 100

Any questuions - Contact Bjørn Olav Andersen:
kuvasz@fjellflokken.com - (+47) 47 96 75 24